Our Menù 




Roasted octopus ramps, artichokes, 30 month old parmesan flakes,

 confit cherry tomatoes, Trapanese fleur de sel and EVO oil.



Pink shrimps marinated in ginger and lime, 

salad julienne and croutons.



Salted code fish balls, served with salad seasoned 

with dried tomatoes dressing



Platter of Game Cured Meat, goat's cheese with oil and pepper, red onion jam,

 Cremona mustard, red fruits and butter curls



Smoked goose breast, “Tete de Moine” cheese, Fruit mustard,

 raspberry vinegar dressing and croutons.



Morsels of pork Collar tender and crispy with cheddar,

 pepper chips and bbq sauce



Selection of "Girgentana" goat cheeses served with honey,

fruit mostarda, Dried fruits.



First course


Gragnano  Spaghettoni, mantis shrimp pulp,

 cherry tomatoes, slightly spicy



ravioli stuffed with sea bass, prawn Bisque and pink prawn,

 Mullet dry roe.



Homemade wholemeal flour fettuccine with sardines and wild fennel 

with pine nuts and raisins,  Toasted crumb


Macaroni with octopus ragout with olives, slightly spicy



Bread gnocchi with sausage, wild fennel and orange zest, 

goat cheese sauce.



Risotto with saffron, goat robiola cheese cream and wild berries



“Schiaffoni” from Gragnano, Irish black Angus ragout 

with rosemary




Main course


Smoked wild boar ribs with honey and mustard,

 baked potatoes and "DIPP" sauce



National Buffalo cube-roll

garlic and parsley butter, baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables



Beef Brisket with honey and mustard, sautéed porcini mushrooms

 and baked potatoes



amberjack fillet in Sicilian scent served with seasonal vegetables and smashed potatoes.

€ 20.00


Cuttlefish au gratin on fragrant bread, vegetables

 of the day and potatoes in E.V.O.



Seared Squid with garlic and chilli, creamy potatoes

 and vegetables of the day



Veggieburgher of chickpeas, cauliflower and rice flavored with turmeric

 served with seared vegetables with almonds




Dessert 6,00€


Service 4,00€


Dear customer almost all our dishes can be prepared without gluten

, we invite you to inform you with the service staff