Our Menù




The unexpected sea,

Fermented and seasoned fish cured ,

 Burrata cheese with pinch

ed croutons, sweet and sour onions and fruit

€ 20.00


Salted code fish balls with a core of foie gras, served with salad seasoned with Theriaki soy dressing

€ 12.00


Grilled Tentacles of octopus served with hummus of chickpeas, olives, 

Trapani salt and olive oil

€ 14.00


Tuna in black sesame Tataki, mustard dressing,

 cream of Girgentana goat flavored robiola cheese, peach cbt.

€ 12.00


Terrine of guinea fowl with pistachios served with curls of “Tete de Moine”,
salad, fruit mustard

 and dried fruit

€ 12.00


Slow-cooked egg on creamy potatoes and sautéed Porcini mushrooms

€ 13.00


 Spaghettone with clams, cherry tomatoes and pistachio nuts and almonds pesto

15,00 €


Wholemeal flour fettuccine with sautéed porcini mushrooms

€ 14.00


“Busiate”  traditional pasta with red shrimp and pistachios with cherry tomatoes,

 slightly spicy

€ 16.00


“Busiate”, traditional pasta with "Muscu" cream (creamy cheese from goat Girgentana)

 with Sicilian black truffle

€ 14.00


Paccheri with shrimps, cherry tomatoes, capers, lemon zest and 

anchovy sauce from Cetara

€ 12.00


Fregula Sarda risotto with saffron pistils and seaweed 

with fermented tuna curls and bottarga

€ 13.00


Nero d’avola risotto with sausage and champignon mushrooms

 creamed with butter and Parmesan cheese

€ 12.00



Grilled Beef sirloin with butter seasoned with parsley and garlic, 

potatoes and vegetables



Shank of lamb with rosemary served with

 Creamy potatoes and vegetables



Pork Collar tender and crispy with cheddar, pepper chips and bbq sauce


Loin of wild boar with juniper with porcini mushrooms and baked potatoes

€ 16.00


North Atlantic turbot fillet seared with almonds served

 with lentils and creamy potatoes

€ 19.00


# seared squid with garlic and fresh chilli, creamy potatoes and confit tomatoes

€ 16.00€

  Fillet of sea bass with Sicilian scents
 with vegetables of the day and cream of potatoes.
€ 18.00

  DESSERT                6,00

 Or  small cup of coffee mousse 3,00€

 Service 2,50